Pothole Park is located at the entrance of downtown Invermere on 7th Avenue. It’s a vibrant pubic space with a small wild forest at one end, and a natural grass amphitheatre at the other. Marking the entrance to the park is a tall bronze statue of legendary explorer David Thompson (the first European to navigate the full length of the Columbia River) and his wife Charlotte Small.

The park’s natural amphitheatre has been adapted for staging outdoor movie screenings, concerts, art shows, community gatherings and events, and more. Perfectly arranged around the amphitheatre are many large stones that can be used for seating for those who do not wish to sit on the grass. There are also several picnic tables, a pathway around the perimeter of the park, a tiny bridge, and well-maintained public washroom facilities.

Pothole Park initially opened in 2005, then was rebranded as a BC Spirit Square and reopened on May 15, 2010.