Mount Nelson Athletic Park is the athletic centre of Invermere. This multi-faceted sports park situated between JA Laird Elementary School and David Thompson Secondary School is the size of two city blocks and is comprised of:

  • soccer fields
  • a baseball diamond
  • a tennis court
  • two basketball courts
  • a dirt pump track
  • a skateboard park
  • an outdoor workout park
  • a field house that includes changing facilities, washrooms and concession

As well as being used by recreation leagues and for community gatherings, the park is the site of a large annual youth soccer tournament.

To request use of the Mount Nelson Athletic Park fields and/or amenities, please complete the following application form and submit it to the District office by email to or in person by dropping it off at 914 8th Avenue.

Mount Nelson Athletic Park is located at 500 14th Street in Invermere.

Skate Park

When riding at the Invermere skatepark, it’s very important that you follow the rules of the park. These are there to keep you (and everyone else) safe! Respect others, and share the space – everyone has the right to have fun!

Check out this brochure for some etiquette to follow at the skatepark!