The Corporate Services Department helps ensure that Council’s procedures and processes are legal, accountable, and accessible.

Corporate Services are comprised of two primary functions:

Legislative, which includes:

  • Ensuring Council is provided with necessary information for decisions making
  • Providing the public with information related to the activities of Council (agendas and minutes)
  • Preparation of bylaws and policies
  • Carrying out procedures for local government elections under the provisions of the Community Charter

Administrative, which includes:

  • Acting on and carrying out Council’s decision and directives
  • Execution of all legal documentation on behalf of the District
  • Providing administrative and information services to Council, committees, District departments and Invermere residents
  • Responding to correspondence and inquiries
  • Administering Freedom of Information requests

The Community Charter and Local Government Act provides for a Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to be charged with the overall efficient delivery of policy and services throughout the District. The CAO reports directly to Council and manages administrative operations, ensures that policies and directions are implemented, and provides the council with advice and information on municipal operations and affairs. The CAO also acts as Council’s representative in negotiations with other government bodies; businesses and property owners.

The Corporate Officer (CO) acts as the link between Council, staff and the public. As well as being responsible for preparing agendas, keeping minutes of meetings, publishing official notices, safeguarding public documents, providing public information and initiating any necessary follow-up actions to Council meetings, the corporate officer prepares and preserves records and bylaws, administers oaths, and takes affidavits, declarations, and affirmations. The corporate officer is the “expert” on procedures for meetings and advises the elected officials as required. Official correspondence is usually addressed to the corporate officer, who also has the authority to enter into correspondence on behalf of the council or board.

Andrew Young
Chief Administrative Officer
250-342-9281 ext. 1225

Kindry Luyendyk
Corporate Officer
250-342-9281 ext 1228

Human Resources is another component of the Corporate Services Department. Human Resources is responsible for staff recruitment; employee orientation, training and development; overseeing employee and labour relations matters; collective agreement administration and other employee-related services.