Building permits are required in order to construct, alter, repair or demolish a building or structure within the District of Invermere.

The homeowner is responsible for carrying out the work or having the work carried out in full accordance with the requirements of the British Columbia Building Code and other applicable regulations.

You may not start any stage of a project, including demolition or excavation, until a building permit has been obtained.

To make an application please complete the Building Permit Application Form and drop it off in person to 914 8th Avenue, Invermere.

A plan cheque deposit is required at that time.

After a building permit is issued, site inspections are required prior to final approval and the issuance of an occupancy permit.

To book an inspection, please contact the District of Invermere office at 250-342-9281.

For any questions, contact the District of Invermere’s Building Services Manager.

(Mr.) Kim Leibel
Manager of Building and Protective Services
250-342-9281 ext. 1226

Wayne Gamborski
Building Official
250-342-9281 ext. 1227