District of Invermere Council worked together to set strategic goals and objectives they will work toward achieving


  1. Retain Invermere’s community character while supporting responsible, sustainable growth.
  2. Maintain and enhance Invermere’s infrastructure.
  3. Support community programs and services that help sustain Invermere’s strong social fabric.
  4. Mitigate and reduce Invermere’s Climate Change inducing Green House Gas emissions; and take steps to improve the community’s resilience and adaptability to climate and environmental changes.
  5. Provide exceptional service and be an excellent place to work and live.
  6. Foster effective communication at all levels (Locally, Regionally, Provincially, and Federally).


  1. Short-Term Rental (STR) report and Draft Bylaw – for Council consideration in June 2022
  2. 13th Avenue Infrastructure Replacement Project (Phase 2) – construction complete by Labour Day, Sept 2022
  3. Second Syphon line to support Sanitary Sewer System construction – construction complete in Fall 2022
  4. Athalmer Neighbourhood Plan (and James Chabot Park MOU) – for Council and Public consideration in 2022
  5. Development Application Process and Records Management Review (Phase 1) – Sept 2022
  6. Attainable Housing: Task Force, Market & Rental Housing Research (long-term) – on going priority

ADVOCACY – part 1

  1. Short Term Rental Study: Participation (RDEK)
  2. CEDI: Active Transportation Grants
  3. Highway Maintenance Yard Transfer (MOTI)
  4. Lakeview Manor Expansion Proposal: Investigate

ADVOCACY – part 2

  1. Waterfront Trail (CP Rail engagement)
  2. Medical Professional Recruitment: Support
  3. Boat Launch Funding (RDEK)
  4. Valley Fitness Centre Proposal: Investigate

Last updated Sept, 2021