Official Community Plans (OCPs) are intended to guide future development within a community. A plan outlines how and where future growth will be directed, providing a degree of certainty about the location and nature of expected development.

As the highest level planning policy document in any community, OCPs serve as a guide to municipal Councils and Administration when making a wide range of decisions from land development matters such as zoning, development and servicing, allocation of resources for infrastructure investments, to ensuring key elements that contribute to community quality of life are protected.

District of Invermere OCP

In 2014 the District of Invermere embarked on a process to update the OCP. Since previous OCP updates which occurred in 2002, the District has completed a number of planning and engineering, sustainability and economic studies, foremost of which was Imagine Invermere 2030 Integrated Community Sustainability Plan.

The OCP has been recognized as currently functioning well, but due to the gap between the last update there is a need to update and align the OCP with all other District reports and plans that have been completed over the last several years. It was also timely to touch base with the community and stakeholders to ensure the overarching intent for facilitating growth is still relevant and accepted.

Click here to access the 2015 update to the District of Invermere’s OCP: