The District of Invermere’s Refuse Collection and Recycling Program is dedicated to “Guarding Against Waste”.

The collection of recycling is provided once every two weeks. Those residents south of 13th Street receive curbside pickup on Tuesday and those residents north of 13th Street receive curbside pickup on Wednesday.

Recyclable materials must be placed in a standard clear or transparent bag of maximum (95) liters, and weighing no more than 25 kg each. There is no limit on the volume of recyclable materials from each household.

If you’re unable to have your recycling out for collection, residents are encouraged to take advantage of the local Recycling Centres. Locations include:

  • Invermere Transfer Station (next to Public Works on Industrial 1 Rd, Invermere)
  • Invermere Bottle Depot & Recycle Centre (133 Industrial 2 Rd, Invermere)
  • Columbia Valley Landfill (1875 Windermere Loop Rd, Windermere)

You can also drop off certain items at the RDEK’s yellow bins around town.  Only certain bins take glass.

By practicing the 3Rs — Reduce, Reuse, Recycle — we can conserve resources, extend the life of our landfill, and save money.

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