The historic CPR Lodge is located between Invermere’s public tennis courts and the Pynelogs Cultural Centre, overlooking Dorothy Lake.

The CPR Lodge and cabins were originally constructed in 1920 on the Fort Point peninsula by the Canadian Pacific Railway to house its workers while the railway through the Columbia Valley corridor was being built. When construction of the railway was complete and the workers moved on, CPR began to advertise the camp to the tourists who were arriving in Invermere on the brand-new Kootenay Central Railway.

After operating as a tourism resort, the lodge and cabins later became a summer retreat for wealthy young women,  followed by a ranch camp for girls. After that, the cabins were offered for sale separately and were bought up by private individuals, becoming summer homes. The CPR Lodge was purchased by the Weirs in 1965 who make it their permanent home. In 2007, when descendants of the Weirs were wanting to sell the property, the District of Invermere stepped in and moved the lodge to its current location in 2010.

CPR Lodge is maintained and operated by the District of Invermere, and can be rented for private events and community gatherings.

To make a Rental Request for CPR Lodge, please submit a reservation request form: