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(Municipal Sanitary Sewer and Water Pipes)

The District of Invermere has contracted MarWest Industries Ltd. (Castlegar) to undertake the replacement of municipal sanitary sewer collection and water distribution pipes located under 13th Avenue between 15th Street and 20th Street (Gierlich Road) during the summer of 2021. The municipal sanitary sewer and water pipes under 13th Avenue need to be replaced and upgraded to meet some of the demands of existing and future development in Invermere. This is the first of three phases of infrastructure replacement along 13th Avenue.

Additional infrastructure work is planned to take place along 13th Avenue in 2022 (from 10th Street to 15th Street) and in 2023 (from 20th Street to Stark Drive). Other improvements that will be completed as part of this work include new road paving and a pedestrian/cycling pathway.

Part of the work taking place in 2021 involves surveying and locating existing pipes, followed by excavation, and the installation of new pipes and connections to existing residential services (sewer and water). Some temporary loss of sewer and/or water service may be experienced by residents at times during construction; however, the District and MarWest will work together to keep service interruptions to a minimum. The District and MarWest will attempt to notify residents in advance of potential service interruptions.

In support of some deep sewer excavation work, it will be necessary to close 13th Avenue at times to through traffic to help maintain safe conditions, to protect the public and of course workers at the job site. When required, 13th Avenue through traffic will be diverted onto 15th Avenue (please see the second page of this notice for additional details). Shallow excavation work in some sections of 13th Avenue is expected to allow the passage of alternating traffic. The District and MarWest Industries apologize in advance for any traffic delays or disruptions that this important work may impose on the public.

If you have any questions or concerns about the 13th Avenue Infrastructure Replacement Project, please contact the District of Invermere by phone 250-342-9281 or by email

13th Avenue Infrastructure Project – Traffic Detours

Andrew Young, MCIP, RPP
Chief Administrative Officer

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