Lake Windermere Resort Lands purchased by the District of Invermere

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The District of Invermere has secured a land full of opportunity for our community! The Lake Windermere Resort Lands have been purchased and the Athalmer Neighbourhood Plan is moving forward. With plans in place, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Lake Windermere Resort Land Webpage!

Athalmer and the Lake Windermere Resort Lands is truly the gateway to our community, providing public access for the community to Lake Windermere and the Columbia River Wetlands. In 2019, the District completed the purchase of the former Lake Windermere Resort Lands, to enhance and protect public access to Lake Windermere. In an opinion poll in last year’s municipal election, 66 % of voters supported spending up to $5 million to buy the property and the District of Invermere did just that!

We are pleased to announce that we are moving forward with the Athalmer Neighbourhood Plan. B&A Planning Group has been contracted with support from McElhanney Consulting Services to facilitate in the development of a neighbourhood plan for the Athalmer Area, including the Lake Windermere Resort Lands. The project will involve land use, infrastructure planning, design concepts for resort and waterfront lands, the commercial corridor and residential areas.
We look forward to hearing from you as well…With the intention of future development of the Lake Windermere Resort Lands to benefit the community, residents will be included in the involvement in the land planning process through public engagement. The District of Invermere see’s many future benefits and opportunities to obtaining this land. This includes but is not limited to an improved public access to Lake Windermere and the re-development of the boat launch. Through upcoming public consultations and an engagement survey, you will have the opportunity to have your say in what should happen with this land.

Visit our new webpage, We will be keeping you updated on Lake Windermere Resort Land webpage as we progress. Make sure to check back often! Also, be sure to sign up on the Lake Windermere Resort Land Webpage to receive updates in your email. We look forward to engaging with you soon in defining the future of Althalmer and access to the waterfront.

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