The District of Invermere offers free advertising to non-profit and community groups on the Athalmer Road Sign and Digital Sign outside AG Valley Foods.

To submit a request, please read the conditions and fill out the form.  We will respond as soon as we can to follow up your request.

  • Athalmer Road sign Requests for the Athalmer Road Sign will be allocated to the front of the sign (visible when going downhill) first and to the back of the sign (visible when going uphill) second. Please note: the back of the sign has two rails for letters, while the front of the sign has three.
  • Digital Sign at AG Valley Foods For information to be legible on the digital sign, it must be of a certain size. Try to be as concise as possible when crafting your message. Including a website for further information can be helpful with this. Some images/logos can be included. Please submit and we will try to include them.
  • Banner requests Please refer to the banner request application form and conditions and follow submission procedures.
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