What is that Smell? Wastewater Treatment Plant

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Why are we getting a smell from the Wastewater Treatment Plant?

The system at the Wastewater Treatment Plant relies on microorganisms (bugs) to break down the sewage. Right now, the bugs are stressed and not able to keep up with the amount of sewage that they must eat. This has happened due to the sudden increase in outdoor temperature and an increase in sewage flows to the plant at the same time. Wastewater Treatment Plants do not deal well with sudden changes in operating conditions such as increased outdoor temperature and as a result, we have this odour.

What is the District of Invermere doing to help reduce the smell?

District staff will be adding an odour control product to the wastewater to help combat the odour until the bugs are healthy and normal again. The odour control product we will be using has not been tried by the District before. We expect it will take some time to start working effectively. Unfortunately, there is no overnight solution to address these odour issues.

What can Invermere residents do to help with the odour?

Did you know what goes down the drain impacts the wastewater treatment plant? Fats, oils, and grease should never go into the sewer system. Once those products are in the sewer system, they do not breakdown and need to be skimmed off, or removed using additives that break them down. Any non-biodegradable solids also need to be removed from the sanitary sewage system prior to wastewater treatment. For example, objects such as “flushable” wipes can create operating problems for pumps and other equipment. These objects and other solids are removed by a mechanical screening process at the treatment plant. In addition, draining large amounts of chlorinated water into the sanitary sewer can also negatively impact the Wastewater Treatment system. So, if you need to drain a pool or a hot tub, please be sure that this water does not go into any sanitary sewer pipes. By keeping fats, oils, grease, and other undesired materials out of the sanitary sewer system the District’s Wastewater Treatment Plant will operate more effectively and smoothly.

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