Application for a Permanent Change to a Liquor Licence ULLR Bar

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Application for a Permanent Change to a Liquor Licence.


722 – 13th Street

Lot A, District Lot 216, Kootenay District Plan NEP4994 Except Plan 11037, 12023.

PID 014-704-994

Notice is hereby given to property owners within 100 metres of the subject property indicated above. Property owners are required to provide all tenants, leaseholders, and occupants with a copy of this notice.

The District of Invermere has received notice of an application to the B.C. Liquor and Cannabis Licensing, (BC – LCL) for a permanent change to the liquor licence currently held by the ULLR Bar.

The application proposal is a permanent amendment to the existing Liquor Primary Licence converting their currently approved onsite, outdoor Temporary Expanded Service Area (TESA) to a new, permanent Outdoor Patio Service Area at 722-13th Street.

The Terms of the licence for the new outdoor patio area will be the same as the existing patio (deck) – Patio doors to be closed at 10:00 pm. The patio to be cleared of patrons by no later than 12:00 midnight. Music is to be indoors from 10pm onwards.

There is no change to the capacity of the existing licence being applied for, simply a request for a conversion of the TESA to a permanent service area under the existing Primary Liquor Licence.

District of Invermere Council has opted to conduct the public consultation process which includes notification and gathering of the views of the residents within 100m. of ULLR Bar. The consultation input will be summarized for final consideration by Council at the regular meeting of Council on December 14, 2021. Councils’ recommendation will be forwarded to BC-LCL for the final decision regarding the proposed Licence amendment.

If this proposal affects you, you may fax written comments or enquiries to (250) 342-2934, email to or drop them off at the District of Invermere Office, by Tuesday, December 14, 2021, at 12:00 noon MDT.

To obtain more information, please contact Rory Hromadnik, Director of Development Services at (250) 342 9281, ext. 1235 or

DATED this 17th day of November 2021.

Rory Hromadnik,
Development Services


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