Temporary Use Permit 23.01 Lot 10, District Lot 375 Kootenay District Plan NEP14927

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Temporary Use Permit 23.01 

Lot 10, District Lot 375 Kootenay District Plan NEP14927 

PID 009-606-815 (Subject Property) 


 The District of Invermere is considering a Temporary Use Permit application, TUP 23.01, by North Invermere Holdings Inc. to: 

Vary Zoning Bylaw No.1145, 2002 Section 5.24(1) Light Industrial Zone permitted Uses to allow: 

  • The conversion of an existing office building into a 4 (four) bedroom, shared rental living space for employee and others in housing need. Residential use beyond a caretaker unit is not currently a permitted use within the M-1 Light Industrial Zone. 
  • The remainder of the Light Industrial Property light property, shop, and land to be leased separately. 

Temporary Use Permits have a term of up to three years with one extension of an additional three years possible. 

TUP 23.01 is being proposed at the location illustrated below. 



Council will consider the Temporary Use Permit TUP 23.01 at its regular meeting of Council on September 12, 2023. Council Meetings are in person and held at the District of Invermere office, 914-8th Avenue at 7:00pm MT. If you believe that this permit affects your interest in the property, you may attend the September 12th , 2023 meeting and voice your interest for consideration during the Public Comment Period, alternatively, you may fax written comments to (250) 342-2934, email to planning@invermere.net or drop them off at the District of Invermere Office, by Friday September 8th at 12:00pm noon. 

You may inspect the proposed notification for TUP 23.01 at the District of Invermere web site https://invermere.net/news/ 

To obtain more information, please contact Rory Hromadnik, Director of Development Services at (250) 342 9281, ext. 1235 or planning@invermere.net 

DATED this 7th Day of August 2023 

Rory Hromadnik, 

Development Services 

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