Survey regarding the District of Invermere’s Proposals to Regulate Short-Term Rental Accommodation Units

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The District of Invermere’s Mayor and Council are considering proposals to regulate the operation of Short-Term Rental Accommodation Units (STRs) in Invermere.  This survey is intended to help collect information from the public regarding the proposals.  Your responses to the survey are important and will help Invermere Council with its decision making.

Paper copies of the survey are available at the District’s Municipal Office located at 914 – 8th Avenue.

The survey will be open from 1:00 pm, Thursday, October 5th until 4:00 pm, Friday October 27th, 2023.

Link to online survey regarding the District of Invermere Proposals to Regulate Short-Term rental Accommodation Units:

For more information regarding the proposals, please see the background report and draft bylaw posted on the District of Invermere website:

In addition, a summary describing key aspects of the proposed regulatory approach may be viewed on the District’s website

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