Passage of School Buses and Private Vehicles Along 15th Street and 13th Avenue During Fall 2022

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The District of Invermere is undertaking the replacement of municipal sanitary sewer collection and water distribution pipes located under 13th Avenue during the summer and fall of 2022. This is the second of two phases of infrastructure replacement along 13th Avenue. MarWest Industries Ltd (Castlegar) has been contracted to do Phase 2 of the work. While the project is progressing well, it will not be completed before public schools reopen in Invermere on September 6, 2022.

School District #6 (Rocky Mountain), District of Invermere, and MarWest Industries Ltd (MarWest) have prepared a plan that supports the movement of School Buses along 13th Avenue in the morning and afternoon so that students can be transported to and from Eileen Madson Elementary School, J.A. Laird Elementary School, and David Thompson Secondary School. Construction has progressed and the section of 13th Avenue between 10th Street and 14th St will be paved and opened to traffic before the start of School. However, construction is still ongoing along 13th Avenue between 14th Street and 15th Street, and 15th Street between 13th Avenue and 12th Avenue.

To avoid disrupting construction and creating safety concerns, vehicles and pedestrian traffic will not be allowed to access or drive through 13th Avenue between 14th Street and 15th Street. Vehicles will also not be able to access 13th Avenue from 15th Street. Furthermore, as construction progresses along 15th Street between 13th Avenue and 12th Avenue, this road will be closed to pedestrian and vehicle traffic to support sewer and water infrastructure replacement.

During construction, some detours may change, motorists and residents are asked to follow the traffic detours as marked, or the directions given by traffic control personnel. Fortunately, the interruptions to the regular movement of School Buses and Private Vehicles along 13th Avenue will be temporary. MarWest expects to complete the remainder of the project and repave impacted roads by the end of October.

Recommendations for Parents and Residents during 13th Avenue construction:


  • Expect some traffic delays along 15th Avenue and other nearby roads, especially before and at the end of school days, and allow extra travel time.
  • At all times, yield to school buses to help support the drop off and pick up of children.
  • If possible, walk instead of drive to your destination (e.g., school, work, shopping).
  • To help keep children and young adults safe direct them to avoid all construction areas along 13th Avenue and 15th Street.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:


Brian Nickurak, Windermere Operations
School District #6 (Rocky Mountain)
Telephone: 250-342-6814

Angela MacLean, Director of Public Works
District of Invermere
Telephone: 250-342-9281

Karen Shipka
School District #6 (Rocky Mountain)

Andrew Young, MCIP, RPP
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)
District of Invermere

Map of Area:


13th Avenue Infrastructure Replacement Project – Phase 2 – Remaining and Supplemental Work


Work on the second phase of the 13th Avenue replacement project in 2022 has been progressing well.  A large part of the project is nearly complete.  School buses and other motor vehicles will soon be able to use part of 13th Avenue and some nearby roads again.  However, a section of 13th Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets is still being worked on by the contractor (Marwest Industries) which requires traffic diversions.  Replacement of the water and sewer infrastructure in that section of 13th Avenue will take a few more weeks to complete.  Marwest and the District of Invermere are working diligently together to complete that work as soon as possible.

Initially the scope of this infrastructure replacement project focused on 13th Avenue only; however, some significant issues have been identified with the sanitary sewer system beneath 15th Street between 12th and 13th Avenues which need to be corrected before the new sewer systems becomes fully operational.  This supplemental work should be completed before the end of October 2022.


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