Project Commencement Notification Downtown Invermere Revitalization Landscape Project – Phase 1

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The District of Invermere has awarded Phase 1 of the Downtown Invermere Revitalization – Landscape Project to Wilco Contractors Southwest Inc. who are now preparing to commence onsite construction on September 7, 2021; with works planned for completion mid-November 2021. The on-site work will commence at 7:00 am MST and conclude at 7:00 pm MST Monday to Friday for the term of the works. The project will likely affect the availability of parking and pedestrian accessibility for abbreviated periods but no full street closures for either vehicle or pedestrian traffic is anticipated.

Key project components will include increasing space and amenities with public seating areas, adding street trees for aesthetics, shading, infrastructure protection and Green House Gas (GHG) reduction benefit, improving accessibility and pedestrian safety, curb replacement, select sidewalk replacement with refreshed paver inlays, upgraded electrical and street lighting, pedestrian scale directional and information signage, as well as new irrigation for the Downtown flower gardens and baskets, angle parking alignment, inclusion of additional amenities such as benches, waste / recycle containers, and bicycle parking. The area where Phase 1 works will occur is illustrated below.

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