District of Invermere Budget Booklet – Proposed Annual Budget 2022

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2022-2026 Financial Plan

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Download the Budget Booklet 2022 here.

About the 5 Year Financial Plan

It’s that time of year again – time for us to show you what we need for a corporate budget this year, and what we need to spend it on.  It’s also the time for you to tell us what you think.  Every year by law, local governments must prepare a five-year Financial Plan in the form of a bylaw (a legally binding document) which outlines expected revenues and expenses for the next 5 years.

The Financial Plan must be adopted before May 15th of each year.

The Financial Plan contains both operating and capital expenditures, including where we intend to get the money. In most cases, about half of the money needed each year by municipal governments to provide and maintain services is raised through property taxes.  The other half of property taxes collected go to other agencies.  There are also several other revenue sources that we depend upon, including other government grants and transfers, sale of services, developer contributions, and earnings on investments.

The Community Charter requires a five-year Financial Plan to be adopted annually.  The Plan identifies proposed spending, funding sources and transfers to or between funds, and establishes the District’s revenue and tax policies and objectives. Council must also consult the public before the Plan is adopted.


Download the Budget Booklet 2022 here.

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