Official Community Plan and Zoning amendment application RZ 20.01

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Official Community Plan Bylaw Amendment No. 1591, 2020 and,
Zoning Bylaw Amendment No.1592, 2020

PID: 012-961-931
Address : 1610 – 13th Avenue

NOTICE is given of a Public Hearing to be held via Zoom Conference at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, December 15th 2020 addressing the application to amend Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1495, 2015 and Zoning Bylaw No.1145, 2002.  Pre-registration to attend the Zoom Conference is required and can be arranged by contacting the District of Invermere front line service counter at 250-342-9281.


The District of Invermere is considering the amendment applications made by the owners of the property legally described above and identified in the map below.  The applicants desire is to amend the current Official Community Plan Land Use Designation from SINGLE  FAMILY RESIDENTIAL (LOW DENSITY) to MULTI FAMILY RESIDENTIAL (MEDIUM DENSITY) and the Zoning Designation from R-1 SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL to COMPREHENSIVE DEVELOPMENT ZONE (CDZ)- 5: ORCHARD for future residential development.


If you believe that your interest in property is affected by the proposed Bylaw, you may prior to the hearing:

fax written comments to (250) 342-2934, email to  or drop them off at the District of Invermere Office, by Tuesday December 15th , 2020 at 4:30 pm MST.   There will be no question and answer period during the Public hearing.

You may inspect the proposed Official Community Plan Bylaw Amendment No. 1591, 2020 and,

Zoning Bylaw Amendment No.1592, 2020 proposal online at the District of Invermere web site

If you have questions or require more information, please contact Rory Hromadnik, Director of Development Services at (250) 342 9281, extension. 1235 or

DATED this 25th day November 2020

Rory Hromadnik,
Development Services


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