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Imagine Invermere
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Sustainability Plan (ICSP) 
Imagine Invermere  

Imagine Invermere

In June, 2011 DOI Council approved the “Imagine Invermere – Integrated Community Sustainability Plan”. This approval was a landmark decision for Council in that the plan was written to broadly guide decision-making in Invermere at the highest level. Ultimately, the plan is about creating an even more resilient and liveable community.

Many actions and activities identified in Imagine Invermere are yet to be implemented! With that in mind, the DOI Council has created an Implementation Team of interested residents from a cross-section of backgrounds and interests.

The Team’s goal will be to oversee the ongoing implementation of Imagine Invermere! They will be asked to make recommendations to Council and carry out duties assigned to them by Council which will include recruiting additional community partners to assist in bringing the many activities captured in Imagine Invermere to fruition!

The Imagine Invermere Team is made-up of the following members:

  • Paul Denchuk (DOI Councillor, Chair)
  • Greg Anderson (DOI Councillor)
  • Magali Larochelle
  • Ray Vowel
  • Beth Neale
  • Rick Hoar
  • Jessica Fairhart
  • Eden Yesh

Please contact any of the Imagine Invermere Team members should you wish to participate as a partner or to discuss any aspects of the plan itself. The plan is a ‘living document” that will be updated and modified in concert with the needs of our community based upon your input.

Get involved! Visit the Imagine Invermere website: ImagineInvermere.ca
or contact the District office at 250-342-9281.

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